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Getting Started with Secure Email
Registering to Receive Secure Email
1. To register, go to our Secure Email System page  and click Register.
2. Enter your existing email address and click Continue.
3. Enter and confirm a password.  Please keep track of your password exactly as you have entered it. Your password is case sensitive. You will need your password to access your secure emails. Click Submit.
4. You will receive an email titled “Activate your BlueShieldCA Secure Email Account.” Open it and click on the link. Type your password, and click Go.
5.  Enter your profile information and click Continue.
You’re done! You will now be able to access our secure email. If you do not receive the address confirmation email within 24 hours, please look in your Bulk or Spam folder, since some email filters may have misidentified your confirmation as spam.
Viewing Secure Email
1. When you receive a secure email from Blue Shield, open the message and click the Read Message Now button.
Note:  Your email provider might identify these emails as spam.  Please check your spam, junk, or bulk folder for any Blue Shield secure emails.

2. At the login prompt type your username, which is the email address you provided when you registered for secure email, and your password. Click Authenticate.
3. Once the system has authenticated your username and password, the secure email will open.
Replying to Secure Email
1. To send a secure reply to the person at Blue Shield who sent the secure email, click the Secure Reply button at the top left of the secure email.
Note: Because this is a secure communication between you and the email originator, the Reply to All, cc, and Forward features do not appear.

2. When the secure reply form appears, type your message in the space provided. Copies of secure replies are not kept in your Sent Items box; if you want to keep a copy of your message, copy, paste, and save the text to another file before sending it.
3. If you want to attach a document, which will also be sent securely, click Browse, and click to select the file you want to attach. Then click Attach or hit the Return key.
4. When you’re ready to send the reply, click Send Secure Reply.
5. You will see a confirmation page indicating the message has been sent
If you encounter a problem, please call us at (800) 446-4632 weekdays, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. We're ready to help. You may also view frequently asked questions.
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