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Broker Guide

2017 Special Enrollment Period (SEP)
While open enrollment ended January 31, 2017, there’s still an opportunity to sell Blue Shield to your clients. Learn more about the SEP.
2017 IFP broker bonuses announced
It pays to be a loyal broker with Blue Shield. Our 2017 New Member & Renewing Member Bonus Programs are back and better than ever. Earn more for 2017 by checking out the details here!
2016 Broker Online Roadshow – Recording now available
For those of you who were unable to attend, the 2016 Small Business Broker Digital Roadshow, the webinar was recorded. In addition to listening at your leisure, you can also downlo answers to the questions (PDF, 148KB) that came up during the online session.
Relaxed participation requirement promotion – Extended to June 30!
Blue Shield of California continues to maintain relaxed participation requirements for groups with 1-100 eligible employees through June 30, 2017! Download the special promotional flyer (PDF, 48KB) to show your clients how the promotion* works. 
Premium Payment Policy
The Subscriber is responsible for payment of dues to Blue Shield of California. Blue Shield of California does not accept direct or indirect payments of dues from any person or entity other than the Subscriber, his or her family members or a legal guardian, or an “Acceptable Third Party Payor.” Acceptable Third Party Payors are:
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS programs under Title XXVI of the Public Health Services Act
  • Indian tribes, tribal organizations or urban Indian organizations
  • A lawful local, State, or Federal government program, including a grantee directed by a government program to make payments on its behalf.
  • Bona fide charitable organizations and organizations related to the Subscriber (i.e., church or employer) when the following is also true: payment is guaranteed for the plan year, assistance is provided based on defined financial status criteria and health status is not considered, the organization is unaffiliated with a healthcare provider, and the organization has no financial interest in the payment of a health plan claim. Financially interested institutions/organizations include institutions/organizations that receive the majority of their funding from entities with a pecuniary interest in the payment of health insurance claims, or institutions/organizations that are subject to direct or indirect control of entities with a pecuniary interest in the payment of health insurance claims.
Upon discovery that dues Subscription Charges were paid directly or indirectly by a person or entity other than those listed above or the Subscriber, Blue Shield of California has the right to reject the payment and inform the Subscriber that the payment was not accepted and that the Subscription Charges remain due.  Please note that processing any payment does not waive Blue Shield of California’s right to reject that payment and future payments under this policy.
2015 Mission Report is now available
On May 26, 2016, Blue Shield released its inaugural Mission Report outlining all of the efforts we have put toward fulfilling our mission in 2015. This report highlights our commitment to providing quality health care at an affordable price by being truly mission-driven, good corporate citizens and good stewards of our resources. We encourage you to share the information in this report with your clients.
Information on the Anthem Cyber-Attack
Safeguarding the security of our systems and our members’ and brokers’ data remains Blue Shield of California’s number one priority. We constantly monitor and assess our environment to prevent a data breach from occurring at Blue Shield of California. For additional information and assistance regarding the Anthem situation, visit or call their dedicated toll-free phone line at 1-877-263-7995. Learn more»
2015 mission report
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