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Producer Alerts
These alerts are designed to keep you up-to-date on relevant information about our products, policies and procedures.

If you are not receiving these communications, please contact your sales representative or Producer Services to ensure we have your most current contact information.
Date Sent  Line(s) of Business Download
2/4/2014 IFP Important IFP updates
A message from Jeff Smith, VP and General Manger, Individual and Family Plans
1/22/2014 Small Business Second quarter 2014 update for small business
1/21/2014 Small Business Update on Small Business customer enrollment
A message from Paul Markovich, President and Chief Executive Officer
1/14/2014 Medicare Medicare updates
Learn more about new selling tools, tips and important updates to help you serve your clients in 2014.
1/14/2014 Small Business Customers reminded about Affordable Care Act taxes
1/14/2014 All Blue Shield to acquire GemCare
1/14/2014 IFP Binder payment deadline and processing delays
1/8/2014 Bill delays for January and February renewing small business customers*
1/2/2014 IFP Commissions processing update for select IFP members
Update on processing commissions for existing IFP clients with original effective dates prior to January 1, 2011 that sign up for a new 2014 Blue Shield plan through Covered California.
Date Sent  Line(s) of Business Download
12/31/2013 IFP Binder payments must be submitted online by January 6
12/19/2013 Small Business Important billing update
12/18/2013 All Gender nondiscrimination update
12/17/2013 IFP Quoting tool disabled for some ZIP codes
12/12/2013 IFP 2014 commission schedule now available
12/10/2013 IFP Application deadline for January 1 effective date
12/6/2013 Small Business December updates for small businesses
12/4/2013 Small Business 2014 special open enrollment period
12/2/2013 Medicare Cost sharing changes for Medicare Supplement plans
11/19/2013 Small Business Revised plan comparison fliers for small business plans   
11/15/2013 Small Business Systems enhancements are on the way for your clients
11/6/2013 Small Business New annual enrollment period open from now through December
11/6/2013 IFP November communications to IFP subscribers
11/1/2013 Medicre 2014 Blue Shield 65 Plus (HMO) benefit overview brochure correction
10/28/2013 Small Business Customer notification on 2014 ACA taxes
10/24/2013 IFP, Small Business and Medicare Download Blue Shield's new 2014 commission schedule
10/23/2013 Medicare MA-PD Star Rating remains at 4 stars for 3 years in a row
10/22/2013 Small Business Blue Shield unveils its January 2014 plans for small businesses
10/16/2013 Small Business The latest updates from the Small Business team
10/10/2013 Small Business Early Renewal Option extension
10/9/2013 IFP January 1, 2014 product updates for grandfathered medical and dental plans
10/8/2013 IFP Increase your earnings with our new IFP broker bonus program
10/3/2013 IFP Recent changes to 2014 IFP collateral
* Sent to brokers with impacted clients.
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