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HIPAA Regulations: Protecting Our Members' Privacy
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) affects every aspect of operations at Blue Shield of California. As you know, these regulations govern how health information is transmitted by health care providers, payers and others.  
Protecting our members' privacy is a responsibility that Blue Shield takes seriously. Blue Shield will be held accountable -- and is committed -- to meeting all the requirements of HIPAA. 

As a producer, you are held accountable in a number of ways since you handle sensitive personal and health information (PHI) of health plan members. For this reason, Blue Shield requires our producers to sign a Business Associate Agreement.
What is a Business Associate Agreement?
AA regulations require that our business associates sign an agreement that details your responsibility to protect the privacy and security of our members' PHI. The Business Associate Agreement represents your acknowledgment to comply with certain aspects of the HIPAA privacy regulations and adhere to Blue Shield's confidentiality and privacy policies.
It is critical that Blue Shield has a signed Business Associate Agreement on file for each producer.
If you are an existing producer and have not received a Business Associate Agreement from us, send an email to Blue Shield's HIPAA Privacy Mailbox at You will receive an email confirming receipt of your request. We will attempt to facilitate your request within one business day. Include the following information in your email.
  • Agency name
  • Contact name
  • Tax identification number
  • Address, city, state and ZIP 
  • Telephone number 
You can also call Blue Shield's Confidentiality and Privacy line at (888) 266-8080 and select option 2 to request an agreement. Once you receive this agreement, please sign it and mail it to the Blue Shield Privacy Office at:
Blue Shield of California Privacy Office
PO Box 272540
Chico, CA 95927-2540 
We will be sending a follow-up letter this fall and winter. This letter requests that you return the Business Associate Agreement to Blue Shield in a timely manner. If Blue Shield does not receive a Business Associate Agreement from you, we may no longer be able to conduct business with you. 
The Business Associate Agreement language is part of any new producer agreements.
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