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Lifepath Decision Guide
Your clients' employees want relevant information about drugs, hospitals and treatment options. And they want this information to pertain to their individual circumstances.
Our new Lifepath Decision Guide--comprised of two interactive tools and a drug search feature--can help them find the information they need to make informed health care decisions.
  • Hospital Comparison Tool: Blue Shield members can compare hospitals on a variety of factors that they deem important for their personal health situation (participation and performance in quality programs, costs, number of procedures performed, mortality rates and length of stay).
  • Drug Database & Formulary feature: Our "Pharmacy" section allows members to get information about drugs, compare generic and brand-name prices to help manage out-of-pocket expenses and also learn what drugs are covered under their Blue Shield plans.
Lifepath Decision Guide (PDF, 83KB)
Read more about our Lifepath Decision Guide.
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