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Electronic Enrollment
Electronic enrollment can help employers control and reduce administrative costs. Blue Shield accepts two forms of electronic enrollment:
  1. Direct submission: For companies that want to submit data directly to Blue Shield.
  2. Web-based enrollment. For clients who need a robust online benefit administration solution.
Direct Submission
Blue Shield direct submission is a customizable solution that allows employers or third-party benefits administrators to electronically submit enrollment data directly to Blue Shield at no extra charge.
Direct submission may be a good solution for employers who:
  1. Have their own human resource systems with employee enrollment data
  2. Already have arrangements with other Web-based enrollment vendors
Direct submission offers:
  • A dedicated implementation team to ensure smooth enrollment
  • A choice of file formats including American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) 834, Blue Shield’s own custom format or other custom files
  • Secure enrollment data submission with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
To use direct submission, a group needs:
  • Enrollment data in one of our many acceptable file formats
  • Electronic file transmission capabilities through SFTP
  • Ability to submit files early in the enrollment process
  • A technical and human resources point of contact for Blue Shield
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Web-Based Enrollment and Account Maintenance
Blue Shield currently offers two secure online tools for your midsize and large clients: QuickEnroll and Employer Connection.
  • QuickEnroll is best-suited for your clients who want online capabilities, including open enrollment and renewals.
  • Employer Connection is ideal for your clients who simply want to view and make year-round updates to their member roster. 
For your clients currently submitting enrollment and account maintenance information to us via paper, talk to them about the advantages of using one of our online account management tools, including:
  • Time and cost savings through simplified benefits management.
  • Secure, convenient 24/7 online access to their benefits information.
  • Improved data accuracy compared to paper submissions.
  • Offered at no additional cost to you or to the employer.
You can rely on us to work with you to determine which account maintenance tool may be the best solution for each your clients. Please contact your Blue Shield sales representative to get your clients on one of these online tools. 
For information about QuickEnroll, visit
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