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Service & Support
Our experienced account management teams lead the service for our midsize and large employer groups. As part of our coordinated approach to administering these plans, we provide employers with a single point of contact and support teams to manage smooth implementation and ongoing assistance to help them with everything from resolving claims to managing their costs.
Plan Administration
We understand that midsize and large employers have unique, complex needs, so we structure our operations and service departments to deliver superior results through:
  • Experienced implementation and support teams
  • Operation centers that are focused on groups
  • Seamless claims processing
  • Financial and management reporting
Blue Shield goes beyond meeting minimum custom reporting requirements. We offer reports and services for employers so they can monitor cost trends and learn how to better manage them. Our health information specialists can make recommendations to help your clients act on significant trends to target necessary changes.
Member Service
Customer service representatives know your clients' plan options in detail. Plus, they are empowered with the authority to respond quickly and dependably, keep track of their results and continually strive for improvement.
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