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Dental Plans and Benefits
Affordable dental plans with access to a nationwide dental provider network add value to any employer's benefits package.
  • Large dental network – Access to quality dental coverage. The dental PPO plans include more than 37,000 providers in California and 314,000 nationwide. The dental HMO network includes more than 24,000 providers in California.
  • Orthodontia calendar-year benefit – For dental plans with orthodontia benefits, each member receives $1,000 coverage for orthodontia each calendar year. This benefit does not have a lifetime limit and it covers both children and adults. Download our Guide to Ortho Coverage (PDF, 226KB).
  • Flexibility – To help your clients meet their coverage needs and budget requirements, a selection of plans provide UCR or MAC schedules for out-of-network reimbursements.
  • Enhanced dental services during pregnancy – All dental PPO plans offer an enhanced benefit for pregnant women that includes an additional teeth cleaning. This extra cleaning can help prevent periodontal disease, which is linked to premature and low-birth-weight babies6.
  • Low-cost choices – Employers taking a hard look at benefit costs often select the voluntary dental HMO and PPO plans providing employees access to dental services without breaking the corporate budget.
  • Implants as standard benefits – covered as Major services. Download our Dental Implants FAQ flyer (PDF, 392KB).
  • Allowance for invisalign and clear braces – member pays the difference between the cost of the clear braces and what we pay for traditional orthodontic treatment (braces).
  • Caries risk management – additional procedures for members who are high, medium, and low risks for caries. Download the Caries Risk Management flyer (PDF, 65.35KB).
While you help your clients consider their options, remember that dental coverage is an essential part of a benefits package. It can help your clients maintain a happy, healthy workforce, which helps their bottom line. Groups with 101 or more eligible employees can select any Blue Shield Core Accounts dental plan with or without our health plans.
Blue Shield dental portfolio
Dental HMO plans
Our four dental HMO plans complement our dental PPO plan portfolio. Employers can offer a richer level of dental benefits for basic and major services with no wait periods,* deductibles, or calendar-year maximums, while delivering lower out-of-pocket costs for their employees. The dental HMO plan portfolio helps simplify dental coverage for your clients by offering lean, middle, or rich benefit designs.

Dental PPO plans
Our dental PPO plans provide employees with a wide range of benefits, including 100% coverage for diagnostic and preventive services from network participating dentists. The large provider network includes more than 37,000 dental PPO providers in California and 265,500 providers nationwide.
Additional benefits
  • Large networks! More than 37,000  PPO provider locations and 24,000 HMO provider locations in California, and more than 314,000 dental provider locations nationwide.
  • Up-to-date benefits! Unlike other dental plans on the market, we cover implants as standard benefits, covered as major services.
  • Clear braces coverage! Our plans feature an allowance for Invisalign® and clear braces, so members pay the difference between the cost of the clear braces and what Blue Shield pays for traditional orthodontic treatment (braces).
See the Value
Help your clients see the value that dental coverage can bring them in the infographic, Why You Need Group Dental Coverage.

Benefit Solutions
You can offer your clients even more savings when they add dental plans or other specialty benefits to their medical coverage (terms and conditions apply).

Wellness Discounts
Dental plan members have access to wellness program discounts to help them save on managing their physical, psychological and lifestyle well-being (important terms and conditions apply).
*Except for Voluntary DHMO.
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