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Electronic Enrollment

Electronic enrollment can help employers control and reduce administrative costs. Blue Shield accepts two forms of electronic enrollment:

  1. Direct submission: For companies that want to submit data electronically to Blue Shield.
  2. Web-based enrollment. For clients who need a robust online benefit administration solution.
Direct Submission
Blue Shield direct submission is a solution that allows employers or third-party benefits administrators to electronically submit enrollment data directly to Blue Shield at no extra charge. Direct submission may be a good solution for employers who:

  1. Have their own human resource systems with employee enrollment data.
  2. Already have arrangements with other Web-based enrollment vendors.

Direct submission offers:
  • An implementation team to ensure smooth enrollment.
  • The only acceptable format is the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) 834 5010 file format.
  • Secure enrollment data submission with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

To use direct submission, a group needs:
  • Existing (true) membership to provide on the ANSI 834 5010 file format.
  • Electronic file transmission capabilities through a SFTP.
  • Ability to submit files on a scheduled timeframe during the testing process as well as during the maintenance/production process.
  • AA technical resource to work with BSC through all phases of the Electronic Enrollment process.
Web-Based Enrollment and Account Maintenance
Employer Connection Plus is best-suited for your clients who want online capabilities, including web-based billing, plan administration, open enrollment and terminations.
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