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Silver 70 Plans
Individual and Family Plans

Blue Shield pays, on average, 70% of covered medical expenses

Effective January 1, 2015

Our Silver 70 plans offer affordable, comprehensive coverage – with very competitive rates in most pricing regions. Your clients will receive benefits like doctor visits and generic drugs without a deductible. Other services, such as hospitalization, are covered after meeting an annual deductible. By paying a little more when they use services, they'll pay lower monthly rates.

We also offer three PPO and three EPO Silver cost-sharing reduction plans through Covered California for consumers who meet federal financial guidelines. These plans offer lower cost-sharing to reduce your clients' out-of-pocket costs when accessing medical care.
Benefit Member pays
(with participating providers)1
Office visit – primary care doctor $452 
Office visit – specialist $652 
Urgent care visit  $902 
Preventive health benefits $02 
Inpatient hospitalization 20%
Outpatient surgery 20%2 
Lab $452 
X-ray  $652 
Emergency room services not resulting in admission $250
Maternity 20%
Generic drugs $152 
Preferred brand drugs $50
Non-preferred brand drugs $70
Chiropractic Not covered
(from a licensed acupuncturist)
Pediatric dental cleaning and X-rays $0
Pediatric dental filling – 1 surface (amalgam) 20%
Pediatric dental root canal – molar 50%
Pediatric eye exam $02 
Pediatric eyeglasses $02 
Calendar year medical deductible $2,000 per individual/$4,000 per family
Calendar year out-of-pocket maximum
(includes deductible)
$6,250 per individual/ $12,500 per family
Calendar year brand drug deductible $250 per individual/$500 per family
For complete medical plan details, see the Benefit Summaries and Legal Disclosures.

Rates for our medical plans can be obtained immediately from our IFP rate books or through our online Quote & Apply tool beginning November 15, 2014.
1. The amounts indicated are a percentage of the allowable amounts. Participating providers accept Blue Shield's allowable amounts as payment-in-full for covered services.
2. Benefit is available prior to meeting any deductible.
3. Rates and benefits are pending regulatory approval.
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