Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Companion Guides describe specific requirements for trading partners who exchange electronic transactions directly with Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan (not through a vendor or clearinghouse). Our companion guides contain supplementary instructions to the ASC X12 national implementation guides, and do not replace or modify the implementation guides.

Follow the instructions found in these companion guides to ensure effective and efficient transaction processing.

Companion guides (Effective January 1, 2019)

834 Outbound Enrollment Companion Guide (PDF, 362 KB)
837I Institutional Companion Guide (PDF, 729 KB)
837P Professional Companion Guide (PDF, 789 KB)
837I Institutional Companion Guide - Beacon (PDF, 506 KB)
837P Professional Companion Guide - Beacon (PDF, 489 KB)
837P Professional Companion Guide - VSP (PDF, 559 KB)
Secondary 277CA - Adjudicated Encounter Companion Guide (PDF, 569 KB)
Secondary 277CA - Adjudicated Encounter FAQs (PDF, 122 KB)
834 5010 Old VS New CG Comparison (Excel, 28 KB)
Flat File Companion Guide (Excel, 621 KB)
4010 Mapping Companion Guide (Excel, 209 KB)
274+ Companion Guide (PDF, 1.2 MB)
274+ Field Change Guide (Excel, 24 KB)
274+ Provider FAQ (PDF, 209 KB)
Large Group Validation Instructions/FAQs (PDF, 43 KB)