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Explore this hub for news, articles and reference information about health care and insurance industry topics of interest, especially for California employers.

Articles and Commentary

  • Cost Management

    Cost Management

    Learn what factors are driving health care costs and what Blue Shield is doing to make care more affordable.

  • Collaborations for Quality Care

    Collaborations for Quality Care

    Find compelling articles on how collaborations in the health care industry are driving down costs while improving quality of care.

  • Healthier Workforce

    Healthier Workforce

    Find informative articles on starting and maintaining a culture of wellness and keeping a healthy workforce.

  • Perspectives


    Read articles and white papers on important issues affecting the health care industry from Blue Shield leadership and other experts.

Tools and Reference

Employer Tools

Blue Shield members can rate and review their health plan online, ask and answer questions from other members or tell their own health success story.

Health Care Reform

Get updates about how health reform impacts your company and your employees, including new rules and coverage details.

Wellness Library

Designed to help you promote health and wellness in your company, our library covers many topics, organized by type and offered in PDF format.


Find recent announcements, legal notices, and new product and program information for small, midsize and large employer groups.

Health Reform

Find information and updates on what the health reform provisions are and how they affect you and your members.


Advantages of Working with Blue Shield

Download flyers outlining our commitment to providing access to affordable, high-quality care, and to improving quality for better health.

Blue Shield Plans

Find health, dental, vision and life plans, total health programs, tax-advantaged accounts and more for all employer group sizes.


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