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How our Health Innovation Technology team is transforming health care

Meet developers, product managers, and other members of our digital teams who are rethinking and rebuilding our healthcare system into one that’s worthy of our family and friends.

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We are recruiting the new generation of leaders to help us transform healthcare and fulfill our mission. Whether still in school or just graduating, we offer dynamic programs to make a difference in people’s lives. See open positions

Heesun Lee video still frame “What really drew me to the Shield Emerging Leaders program was the constant opportunity to learn. It’s an open and collaborative environment.” Watch Heesun’s experience through our program aimed at growing future leaders from within​.
Hubert Sung video still frame “There is so much potential for thinking about health not in terms of drugs but in terms of changing our lifestyle.” Watch how Hubert grew with the company with one goal in mind: helping members live their best lifestyle.

Technology and innovation

We are working toward bringing health care into the digital age. Help us build technical tools that help our members get the right care. See open positions

Bryce Williams standing in front of a grey background wearing a blue suit. "In that way our people have an 'intrapreneurial' mindset. We’re part of a larger organization, but we aren’t afraid to do things differently."
Jeff sitting in an office in front of a whiteboard “I want people taking chances. It’s my job to get folks comfortable with the fact that innovation is messy and help them understand an experiment can be a success regardless of whether the idea actually worked.”
Kelly standing in front of her building "At Blue Shield, we have a culture of giving, and I believe it’s a sign of strong leadership when you can step beyond your own self and give back."
Digital team's story thumbnail Meet our employees who are driving change and find out what drew them to Blue Shield, the problems they’re solving, and what projects keep them excited to come to work every day.

Care and community

We’re focused on building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our members and our communities so they can focus on living healthy and fulfilling lives. Help us become our members’ trusted advisor. See open positions

Leigh Purry video story thumbnail “When it comes to the community and putting the community on our shoulders, we will never stop.” Meet Leigh, who uses her ability to combine her career with her passion for helping people.
Sarrah's video story thumbnail “What motivates me to come to work every day is my team. I love to be able to make a difference in their lives and help them grow." Learn how Sarrah’s first job out of college grew into a 15-year career.

Business operations

Our success as a company depends on hiring the best people. We are working toward expanding our products and services to make them affordable to the communities we serve. Join us and help us transform health care. See open positions

Jesse's video story thumbnail “It’s nice to have people count on you and you count on them and that is a big part of our culture at Blue Shield.” Meet Jesse, who made dramatic and positive changes to his life through wellness activities offered at Blue Shield.
Mari's video story thumbnail “As a leader, your success is through others." Meet Mari, who's been at Blue Shield for more than 20 years, growing and developing herself and others into the leaders of the future.