Manifest MedEx logoOur healthcare system in California is fragmented and complex. The inability to share valuable health data can result in incomplete information, affecting everyone in the healthcare system – individuals, providers, employers, and producers – and can lead to poor-quality patient care and waste and inefficiency that costs billions of dollars nationally.

To address this tremendous unmet need, Blue Shield of California partnered with Anthem Blue Cross in 2014 to launch Cal INDEX, with the goal of improving the quality of care and member experience by creating one source of integrated patient information.

Manifest MedEx was formed in 2017 when Cal INDEX and Inland Empire Health Plan merged, creating a statewide nonprofit health information exchange dedicated to creating real-time, comprehensive health information for all Californians. Manifest MedEx includes more than 16 million health records. Hundreds of provider partners take part in the exchange.

Californians greatly benefit from Manifest MedEx. The statewide data it houses helps providers to securely review, analyze, and share medical information across the healthcare system. This process:

  • Allows improvement in quality of care
  • Reduces medical errors
  • Cuts wasteful spending
  • Provides valuable insights into population-level public health issues

Simply put, the process allows medical professionals to give the best care to their patients. To learn more about the benefits of Manifest MedEx, visit the Manifest MedEx website.

For members

With Manifest MedEx, members' health information can travel with them, no matter which doctor they see or what health plan they have. Doctors and other healthcare providers can more easily and securely share members' health information electronically with other providers and hospitals. This can help them provide our members with the safest, highest-quality care possible.

For providers

Manifest MedEx is dedicated to ensuring that all Californians receive the most appropriate care.

For employers

We know that the employees' health is important to the employers. Manifest MedEx will help champion a healthier workforce by giving providers and hospitals faster and easier online access to the vital patient health information they need to give patients the best care possible.

For brokers

Manifest MedEx is dedicated to ensuring that your customers can get their employees the best care possible.