You may ask your primary care physician to refer you to another doctor for a second opinion if:

  • There is a question about your diagnosis, plan of care or recommended treatment -including surgery
  • Additional information about your condition would help to determine the diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment plan
  • The current treatment plan is not improving your medical condition

To get a second opinion, you will need a referral from your doctor or you may use the Access+ Specialist option.

In most cases, the second opinion will be provided by a doctor within the same medical group or IPA as your primary care physician.

Self-referred second opinions

If your primary care physician belongs to a medical group or IPA that participates in our Access+ Specialist program, you can arrange a second opinion visit with another doctor in that same medical group or IPA without a referral from your primary care physician.

The second opinion visit will be subject to the Access+ Specialist limitations.

A second opinion will be provided on an expedited basis, when appropriate. California law requires that health plans disclose to members, upon request, the timelines for responding to a request for a second medical opinion. To request a copy of these timelines, contact us.