For our Blue Shield HMO and POS members, your primary care physician is the doctor responsible for your medical care.

As soon as you become a member you must choose a primary care physician. This physician is usually your first contact for health care, treats most of your health problems and coordinates your health plan benefits. If necessary, he or she will also refer you to a specialist.

Choosing a primary care physician
As soon as you become a Blue Shield HMO or POS member, you should choose a primary care physician.

If you do not select a primary care physician (or you do not select one for each dependent under your plan), we will select one that is close to your home address.

We will notify you of our selection and you can select a different physician if you are not satisfied.

Member can also determine if their current physicians are in our network or find a new physician near home or work in Find a Provider.

Changing your primary care physician
You may request to change your primary care physician at any time for any reason. In most cases, the change will be effective on the first day of the month following your request.

  • Sometimes changing your primary care physician during hospitalization, while pregnant or during a course of treatment may interrupt the quality and Continuity of Care. If this applies to you, please contact Customer Service to discuss changing your primary care physician.

If your primary care physician retires or leaves our network, we will select another one for you and notify you in writing. If you are not satisfied with our choice, you can select a different one.