Advantages of Working with Blue Shield

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Leading Wellness and Prevention Strategies

We believe in an integrated, whole-person approach to health management and offer a suite of wellness and prevention programs to support a healthy workforce.

Our comprehensive health and medical management solutions cover the broad spectrum of care from keeping your healthy employees well to results-driven management of chronic and complex conditions.

As a California employer ourselves, we recognized our own employee population trends and the real business value of fostering a healthy workforce. In 2008, we created our own next-generation wellness program called Wellvolution.

Since its launch, the program has impressive results and four out of five Blue Shield employees are actively participating in Wellvolution. We continue to learn by testing new incentive and engagement ideas, such as walking workstations, healthy vending machines, and social media competitions.

We can work with you to build a culture of wellness within your company to help your employees live better and make healthier choices. To learn more, visit our Total Health and Wellness program pages.