Healthy Sight Calculator


Vision Return on Investment - Seeing is Believing

Healthcare costs are rising – and you're looking for ways to save money on your employee benefits package. Did you know that a vision plan could be a powerful part of your solution? Knowing the value a vision plan may offer could be a compelling incentive to offer vision coverage to your employees.

Vision plans that cover comprehensive eye exams and quality vision wear can reduce medical costs and boost employee productivity.

To help you see the potential financial impact, visit Transitions Optical, Inc.'s Healthy Sight Calculator tool.1

The tool helps illustrate how many of your employees may likely have systemic and eye-related conditions – and the possible impact on health care costs and productivity that could be addressed with appropriate vision and vision wear.

Use the calculator to help you see the potential return on your investment in a vision plan. Choose the state and customize the tool for the size and demographics of your workforce, or select "National" for an average, and print your results at the end.

Access the Healthy Sight Calculator tool now.