Living Better

We offer a comprehensive approach to identifying and helping members with immediate health issues as well as those at risk for chronic or complex conditions. We provide many support programs to assist in health management, including:
  • CareTips (PDF, 400KB) is a messaging program that provides personalized reports to members, alerting them of potential gaps in their care, inappropriate medication usage, and more.

  • Continuity of Care (PDF, 221KB) focuses on maintaining the connection between the patient and doctor so there is continuity during a transition of care.

  • Integrated pharmacy programs help support members' health.

  • Shield Support (PDF, 49KB) is an outreach program that offers personalized support to members to help them live better with illness, recover from acute conditions, and have a more seamless healthcare experience. Effective January 1, 2019, our Disease Management, Behavioral Health Condition Management, and Musculoskeletal and Pain Management programs are fully integrated into Shield Support instead of offered separately.

  • Shield Advocate (PDF, 45KB) expands Shield Support services through a designated team of registered nurses, social workers, health coaches, dietitians, and pharmacists who have a deeper knowledge of your employee population and benefits programs.

  • Shield Concierge (PDF, 312KB)is a team of registered nurses, behavioral health clinicians, health coaches, social workers, pharmacists, and customer service representatives that provide concierge-level customer service to Trio HMO members, available to them with just one phone number.

  • Utilization Management (PDF, 221KB) helps members receive medically appropriate care.

See your Blue Shield representative for complete details about program availability for fully-insured and self-funded products.