Healthy Living

One way to help control healthcare costs is to avoid poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, overeating, and not exercising. Our health programs and the resources listed below help members make better lifestyle choices, which may lead to reduced medical costs.



Wellvolution® offers best-in-class digital health programs focused on mental and physical health. The program leverages the power of lifestyle change, and combines it with decades of research and leading technology. Members set their goals, and we assist them with an easy-to-follow plan and all the tools and support they need along the way.

Wellvolution helps members achieve health and well-being goals, such as:

  • Reversing existing conditions
  • Preventing and treating disease with personalized treatment options
  • Improving sleep
  • Quitting smoking
  • Prioritizing mental health
  • Living longer


Additional resources:

Member Overview
Check out these videos to understand how your employees and their dependents can benefit from and use Wellvolution.
45s overview | 3min overview

Wellvolution Ginger
Your employees and their dependents can access this mental health online support program 24/7.

Wellvolution Headspace
Members ages 18 and older have access to this meditation app. This app is a great way to help your employees reduce stress, increase resilience, and sleep better.

Wellvolution Virta
The Virta® treatment is clinically-proven to reverse Type 2 diabetes, without the use of medications or surgery. Virta patients reduce their blood sugar, A1c, and diabetes medications, all while losing weight and regaining energy.

Wellvolution Betr
Betr Health uses food as medicine to help members reach their weight and health goals without dieting.

Learn more about Wellvolution.


Alternative Care

Your employees can relax and save on alternative healthcare services from practitioners participating in the ChooseHealthy® program. Members simply show their Blue Shield member ID card at their appointment with a participating practitioner to get their discount.

Services include*:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Therapeutic massage

*These discount program services are not covered benefits of Blue Shield health plans and none of the terms or conditions of Blue Shield health plans apply.

Learn more about alternative care discounts.


Preventive Care

Preventive care can help employees detect early signs of serious, costly problems. Learn about recommended screenings, services, and immunizations at

Your employees can also create a customized plan for themselves and their doctors, using our preventive care tool.


Maven Maternity Program

Maven is a program designed to support your employees and their partners during their pregnancy, postpartum, and return to work. Members can also get support if they have experienced a pregnancy loss.

Digital and virtual support for pregnancy and postpartum includes:

  • On-demand virtual appointments
  • Your own Care Advocate
  • Educational Resources

Learn more about Maven.


Vaccines at your local pharmacy

Your employees can visit a retail pharmacy convenient to them to receive their vaccines.


Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers (UCC) can save your employees and you time and money.

Blue Shield contracted UCCs are a good solution for non-emergency care without the high expenses of emergency room services. In addition to the quality of care, UCCs offer much shorter wait times. While the average wait time at a California ER is 4 hours and 34 minutes, wait times at a UCC are usually less than an hour.



Wellvolution is a registered trademark of Blue Shield of California.

Virta is a registered trademark of Virta Health Corp., a Delaware Corporation.

Betr Health is a registered trademark of Pure Proactive Health, Inc. Betr Health was designed by Pure Proactive Health, Inc. to help people achieve their health goals through healthy lifestyle choices and behavior. Individual results will vary for a variety of reasons, and Pure Proactive Health, Inc. cannot guarantee that you will achieve your health goals.

ChooseHealthy is a federal registered trademark of American Specialty Health Plans of California, Inc. (ASH Plans) and used with permission herein.

Maven is independent of Blue Shield of California and is contracted by Blue Shield to provide maternity benefits including care advocacy, virtual consultations, coaching, and education. Maven is not intended to replace your in-person providers. Maven ® is a registered trademark of Maven Clinic Co. All rights reserved.