Total Health and Wellness

Our Total Health and Wellness programs are designed to guide your employees every step of the way, from inspiring healthy habits to helping manage chronic conditions. This approach to healthcare management helps ensure a healthier, more satisfied and productive workforce while helping you lower your costs. Our approach to health and wellness includes the following components:

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Healthy Living

We can help keep Blue Shield members well by identifying health risks early, and providing programs to show them how to adopt healthier habits.

Living Better

Learn how Blue Shield members and their families being challenged by illness can receive extra personal, professional and confidential support.

24/7 Support

Blue Shield offer prevention and wellness programs for employees to help them manage their physical, psychological and lifestyle well-being.

Pharmacy Benefit Management

The structure of Blue Shield's pharmacy benefit plans helps employees understand and manage the choices and costs associated with prescription drugs.

Wellness Discount Programs

Discover programs that enable employees to save while taking better care of their health. Also, access materials to promote these programs.