Account-Based Health Plans

Offering account-based health plans (ABHPs) is a smart way to help employees take control of their healthcare decisions and wellness. ABHPs are specially designed health plans that can be wrapped with a tax-advantaged account.

Employer groups who select our integrated model for their ABHPs will have access to online resources and 24/7 customer service, plus a powerful set of additional tools.

When you consider our online services for employers and employees, a dedicated ABHP service team, and the variety of plans to choose from, it’s easy to see how Blue Shield’s programs come together to deliver a comprehensive ABHP platform.

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Health Equity

Get to know our ABHP partner, HealthEquity, whose premier technologies provide superior customer support, tools and account administration.

HSAs, HRAs, HIAs, FSAs and More

Learn about the account-based health plans available to you when you pair different tax-advantaged accounts with your medical plan.