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A Message from Our CEO

Paul Markovich, CEOWhat does it mean to be a responsible health insurer?

As the CEO of Blue Shield of California, I think about this question every day. Does it mean reducing unnecessary healthcare costs, developing effective wellness programs, and minimizing our environmental footprint? Or is it how we treat our employees, engage in our local communities, and uphold the highest ethical business practices? At Blue Shield, we think it's all of the above—and more. 

The well-being of our communities and our environment contribute to the health of California's people. We know, for example, that air pollution from the Bay Area can worsen asthma in Central Valley children. To fulfill our not-for-profit mission and be a good corporate citizen, we must take actions that strengthen our communities and protect our environment. 

We've done a lot already to be a responsible company—like limiting our income to 2% of revenue; giving over $300 million to our Foundation to support nonprofits that provide healthcare and domestic violence services; developing innovative wellness programs and accountable care organizations; partnering to create the state's next generation health information exchangereducing our use of energy and paper; and being the first health plan in the nation to advocate for universal health coverage. Our 5000+ employees throughout California are also very involved in their communities, donating significant time and money to those in need.

That said, it's important for us to keep looking for ways to improve. I’m hoping you will help me identify innovative things Blue Shield can do to make a difference. We have some ideas. I look forward to hearing yours.

Paul Markovich, CEO