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Our Pledge to Keep Healthcare Affordable


Blue Shield of California’s 2% Pledge reflects our commitment to our not-for-profit mission to provide all Californians with access to quality care at an affordable price. We pledge to limit our annual net income to 2% of revenue. In any year in which Blue Shield earns more than 2%, we will return the difference to our customers and the community, with approval from our board of directors.

To date, Blue Shield has returned $520 million to customers and the community from income earned in fiscal years 2010, 2011 and 2012.Our 2013 net income is 1.6%. Because our net income for fiscal year 2013 came in below 2%, we will not be returning funds to our customers or the community.

We remain committed to our 2% Pledge, to limiting our profits and to investing in our community and to our affordability mission.

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